RossEnce materials are recognized by the railway from china to Europe
Column:Company news Time:2018-01-17

Another good news that the materials are coming out of china and moving towards the world from RossEnce. Through the continuous efforts of all RossEnce staff, the company's products have been approved by the railway from china to Europe. In future, products will selling to Europe by rail, than before export products by sea or air transport, the time and costs are significantly reduced, such as rock products sell to Hamburg, Germany, before sea transportation need to 32 days, and only 18 days to railway. In addition, compared with air transportation, the cost of railway transportation is only 10% of the air freight, and the transportation volume is greater.

In addition to the advantages of transportation costs, Rossence material accepted by the china-europe railway also preliminarily reflects the quality and brand recognition of RossEnce products.